1324066061SchedulingVEYKA uses its computerized management system developed under MS Office Software, Primavera® Project Planner and Logo Tiger® business software package for cost estimating, scheduling, budget allocation and cost accounting systems, utilizing latest generation technology, to prepare the project schedule, and track and audit project milestones for schedule and cost compliance.
Unless otherwise specified with the tender and contract documents, latest version of Primavera Project Planner® (or Microsoft Office Project Professional®) is used for scheduling.

MS Office SharePoint Server 2007 enables remote users to access the project data and monitor the project details over the Internet.
MS Project’s and Primavera P6’s abilities to use an “enterprise resource pool” to combine all the resources required on all sites will make it possible to share resources on more than one site, which enables the Program Management to better keep the project cost under control.
The work schedule which is submitted with the proposal includes sufficient detail to enable assignment of resources and costs, and for the site program engineer to record progress of work and accumulation of resources and costs. Hence, it is also possible to use the same schedule during the actual design and construction. The Program Management utilizes a unique cost coding system, derived from “Master Format”, which will be applied to estimated costs, allocated resources and costs in the Project Schedule, and cost accounts.
The main elements of successful scheduling and cost control are:

  • Identification of estimated costs with the relevant cost codes
  • Preparation of Project Schedule in Standard Work Breakdown (SWB) structure and activity coding system
  • Progress recording
  • Communication to establish and maintain thorough coordination between offices, among trades, supervisors and field engineers
  • Centralized cost accounting
  • Performance Measurement based on daily site reports and weekly Progress Reports for budgeting and cost control monitoring

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