The purpose of VEYKA’s Quality Control Plan is to prepare the guidelines to establish a quality control and reporting system that complies with the requirements of the contract documents.
The QC Plan is one of the most crucial documents for the success of a project management system, as an integral part of overall company objectives, Safety-Quality-Timely Execution (S-Q-T) reflecting the priorities of the VEYKA.
It is a challenge for VEYKA to establish a Total Quality Management (TQM) system for all stages of the construction activities. Although the nature of construction works itself makes this challenge hard to achieve, it provides a goal so that the company is never satisfied with its quality control program even if defects are reduced by substantial amounts year after year and provides continuous motivation for the staff.
With this plan, VEYKA is aiming to provide the necessary inspection and testing procedures to insure the job to be performed according to contract drawings and specifications. All necessary tests and inspections of all work, including those of suppliers and subcontractors, shall be conducted in order to ensure compliance with applicable specifications and drawings.

Methods of identifying deficiencies in the quality of works and services are set forth and performed continuously. All inspections conducted and the corrective actions taken are recorded for monitoring and quality assurance purposes.
The main purpose of this Quality Control Plan is;

  • To produce an end product that meets the requirements of the contract plans and specifications,
  • To establish and maintain a quality control program that will continuously verify that quality construction work, as required by the contract documents, is being accomplished,
  • To train everyone involved with the project on quality control issues through scheduled “Quality Construction and Management” (“QCM”) meetings.
  • To motivate the staff and every worker on the site to take pride in performing their work properly the first time.
  • To complete the job in a safe and timely manner

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