It is the utmost objective of VEYKA to meet and exceed the requirements specified in the contract requirements. In order to achieve this goal, VEYKA implements project specific management programs based on S-Q-T (Safety – Quality – Timely Execution) principles, to secure the following:

  • Maintain a high level of construction safety through implementation of a strict safety and security plan
  • Perform quality construction, manufacturing and installation through an effective quality assurance and quality control system
  • Maintain highest level of coordination between the head office, the site, and subcontractors, as well as with the Client
  • Timely mobilization, progress and completion of the works, in accordance with the approved computerized work schedule
  • Select the materials and equipment, submit and obtain approvals, place orders, perform quality control inspections, and ship, receive, store and issue the materials in the most timely and orderly manner; keep wastage and delays to an absolute minimum.

Following closely the international specifications, quality standards, products, and contemporary business and construction management policies, when in our opinion, the contract specifications fall short of regulations or available products, VEYKA offers to provide what is most suitable for the specific project.

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