With a pedigree stretching back to early 90s, VEYKA Engineering & Construction Company has been established as a family owned business by Veysi KAPLAN in Izmir; on the foundations of his decades of experience in serving the State Hydraulic Works and Highways Directorate of Turkey.

Since its inception, VEYKA has consistently grown up to one of the reliable and reputable government contractors in Turkey. VEYKA’s years of service to Turkish government comprised projects on a vast variety of nature and location, from military installments in south-eastern Turkey, construction of dams, irrigation networks, schools and university compounds; to preservation of historical buildings.

Following its proven success in Turkish contracting market, in the year 2009, VEYKA went into a restructuring to expand its operations to international market, focusing on design build superstructure works, by welcoming its new design-build team to support in-house design and project management activities.

Today, the company is operating under several construction contracts in and out of Turkey; seeking to provide smooth construction management services to its clients.



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